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Barcelona 22-23 May 2018


The excitement of going to Spain was inexplicable. I have not visit this land for a while and the possibility of going to Barcelona was so wonderful to me.
The flight was pleasant and soon I found myself in a culture so vivid I just wanted to immerse myself in it...During the trip in the shuttle to my hotel, I couldn’t stop looking at the geography. The tall mountains of the Pyrenees on the horizon were striking! And then some hills here and there, giving the city some movement.
After that, the architecture takes first place in the contrast of modern buildings with the ones in downtown: tall, all together and with very nice details. Still, what made it unique was to see so many flags hanging out of the balconies.
I can tell there is so much history that still is brewing in the streets.
After getting to my hotel, I was ready to go out. The weather was perfect! A little cool but still sunny that made it so invited to go for a walk…

In this particular short trip I wanted to visit as much as possible but the top of my list was Barceloneta…

I was so curious about the Mediterranean sea in comparison to the ones I had visit. I was happily surprised by a beach quite wide and covered in a nice sand. There is a place even for businesses and restaurants in the border. And the umbrellas makes so welcoming the scene. On the blue ocean, and I have to say, it is a different kind of blue, there were boats small and big.
A very nice walking trail where people are busy jogging or strolling and then more inviting places to stop and eat. One of them, our pick to enjoy a delicious paella!

I wanted to taste the tapas that offered different hams but still I am looking for a different experience, hopefully in my next trip.

The beach continues without end to reach Barceloneta with the many things you can find at your pass.
And then back to the bay, with a different view and the nice white wavy tops and all the boats and yachts. Amazing!

In the company of many people in bicycles, skaters and just tourist like me, walking back to the city was a nice treat.

I found myself at the mall in my favorite store which is from Spain, Zara and after that every store was fun. I liked the streets still not so busy with bicycles in comparison to Amsterdam where you can find them in each corner.
And then, the place to go, was the Basilica de la Sagrada Familia…

It was getting dark, and my first impression of such a huge building was overwhelming. A full block of the church with its intricacy and many details that overtaken me.
Just walk around to go to the entrance makes you realize the immensity of the Basilica. The many colors of the windows combined with the intricate details makes of the sight just indescribable…

I have seen many photos but there is no way to capture the magnitude of this church.
On my way back, between small streets, I found myself in captive of the colors of the Torre Glories that at night it’s in all splendor…

So much I left without visiting that I am ready to come back and continue exploring the sights. This city vivid since Roman times, is complex and a very interesting place to get to know. I will return for sure!



  1. Evgenia

    I’m so jealous! I want to Spain so much!!!

    1. Travelcooking

      Yeah! Spain is a really nice place to visit! Especially between April to October! Where are you from?

  2. Ursaline

    Like Wow that church is spectacular I would love to go see it in person. I think I will. thanks for sharing

    1. Travelcooking

      Yeah, the Sarada Familia is absolutely something unique… A must to see if you are in Barcelona!


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