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I have been looking forward to visit Prague as my first time. The history of this nation makes it so interesting and gave me a desire to go see it for myslef.

The fly was very good, even with some turbulence not that common for me when traveling to Europe. The good news is the weather was perfect that made everything even more enjoyable.

Prague and its history

Soon I found myself on the streets feeling excited to see the city. From my hotel (if you are looking for a nice hotel in Prague Click here!), I wanted to visit the Castle and some local friends who gave me very useful advice told me to go in local transportation there because it is in top of the hill and then walk coming down so I can be more rested. And so, I did!

I went up almost half of the way in an uber through many shops and restaurants surrounded with many tourist, that as me wanted to see it all. The marionettes were probably my favorite thing on the windows.

The streets with so many medieval buildings all just very well painted and tall, makes this city so beautiful. All of them, full of details that makes it stand out from the many European cities.

Prague is a city full of history that starts back on the 9th century AD. Since then, have seen many changes. It was invaded by nazi Germany during World War I and at the end of World War II the nation try to get its independence as a democratic country but the Soviet Union kept a hold of it until 1989. It was finally free after the fall of Berlin’s wall.

A friend of mine was able to visit Prague right after this event, and he was telling me that the city was without colors and in a different stage. There was no tourist everywhere and just plain. That amazes me just seeing the city as it is now. It has definitely changed through so many periods that makes it even more wonderful.

At this time, I felt hungry and took a break to eat some late lunch.

Prague Castle

After that I was ready to go visit the Castle. The construction began on the 9th century AD and cemented Prague as the capital of Bohemia.

This is the largest ancient castle in the world! It is just worth the trip alone to visit this medieval wonder.
So many things to see it is easy to get lost on the streets that are not lineal. I ended up on the place with an outstanding view of the city from above. Amazing!

Going down thought the hall of stairs with musicians and painters fond of their art was very enjoyable.

To end up finding my way to the Old town square. Surrounded by the city hall and finally the clock tower. The astronomical clock is under repair but still is worth the visit even to climb the stairs for a nice view. The queue is long but if you have time is a must do.

The area is very touristic with many restaurants, coffee shops and even places to get a gelato. I made a stop in a chocolate shop that had products from different parts of the world. That is very neat!

I kept walking to find my way to Charles Bridge which was started built under the reign of king Charles IV in 1357 and it took almost 50 years to complete. This was the most important way of connection between Prague Castle and the old town and its surroundings.

It was under his kingdom that the many medieval buildings were built including the Charles University and even the reconstruction of Prague castle. So much history really gives a taste to this city as a must stop.

In that area I found the tourist taxis, just at the end of my day. The cars are gorgeous and always busy. It will make a nice way to visit even more parts of the city. You want to try that.

Prague, the city of 100 spires, is very beautiful. Another friend of mine, chose to go to the ballet. So keep that in mind, there are many shows you can enjoy as well.

I had a wonderful time and I will be going back to learn more about this amazing part of the world. The whole atmosphere of this city makes it so romantic. I hope to see there soon.


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